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Epson TM-T88IV Restick Series

A special version of the world’s leading receipt printer has been developed to produce repositionable labels which stick to almost any material. The TM-T88IV ReStick prints individual receipt labels which can be conveniently repositioned without damaging the surface. Helping to improve customer service, this unique thermal printer will reduce errors in order processing and avoid mistakes when labelling customised goods and individual offers.

With its durable and proven construction and design, this innovative product prints and cuts linerless thermal paper roll on demand, at high speed, and with outstanding reliability.

The liner-free label solution that works

Epson’s TM-T88IV ReStick label printer is ideal for quick service, fast food and take-away restaurants needing to improve order accuracy, reduce food costs, speed work flow and increase customer satisfaction. Based on new technology, the TM-T88IV ReStick printer prints repositionable liner-free labels that can be used for customer bag labels, exception labels in the food

preparation area and product labels, all without any liners to dispose of. And it is available in two versions:one for 58 mm labels/receipts and one for 80 mm labels/receipts.

The features you need

Fast and reliable, the TM-T88IV ReStick label printer prints both text and barcodes at a crisp resolution of 203 x 203 dpi. It features variable length label output, two different paper widths, autocutter, small footprint and more. And because the TM-T88IV ReStick can print both liner-free labels and receipts, the same printer can be used throughout the restaurant minimising service, supplies and training costs.

Cost-effective liner-free label printing

Epson’s liner-free label printing solution, using adhesive label paper, is significantly less expensive than using a standard label printer. There is no need to peel off and dispose of a paper liner, reducing both cost and waste.

Easy integration

Epson’s TM-T88IV ReStick label printer can be easily integrated into your current systems. It is compatible with Epson’s actual TM-T88 printers, so almost no software changes or application development is required. Just install the driver and it’s ready to go. And with Epson’s exclusive family of interfaces, the TM-T88IV is compatible with all current best-of-breed and component-based systems.


Epson’s liner-free ReStick label printer is a cost-effectivesolution for a wide range of label applications used in the fast food, hospitality and convenience industries including:

• Exception labels

• Bag tag labels

• Product labels

• Pizza Box labels

• Sandwich wrap labels

• Specialty cup labels

• Take-away order labels

• Freshness dating labels

• Delivery receipt labels

• Refrigerator coupons

• Prepared food labels

• Ingredient labels

• Bakery labels

• Special pricing labels

• Nutritional information labels


  • Repositionable labels: ReStick labels are repositionable several times on almost any surface
  • Liner free thermal paper: Reducing waste and environmentally friendly
  • Variable length: Fit to any required use based on individual application
  • Paper save emulation: Emulation allows an 80mm receipt to be printed in 58mm space
Epson TM-T88IV Restick Series Datenblatt
Epson TM-T88IV Restick Series Datenblatt

Techn. Daten

Die beschriebenen Produktmerkmale und Spezifikationen können jederzeit ohne vorherige Ankündigung geändert werden.

  • Anschlüsse

    Kassenschubladenanschluss, RS-232
  • Allgemeines

    145‎ x 195 x 148 mm (Breite x Tiefe x Höhe)
    1,8 kg
    Epson Dark Gray
    Betrieb: 56 dB(A)
    Betrieb 10% - 90%, Lagerung 10% - 90%
    Betrieb 5° C - 45° C, Lagerung -10° C - 50° C
  • Lieferumfang

    Anschlussdeckel, Hauptgerät, Einschaltknopfdeckel, Thermalpapierrolle, Bedienungsanleitung

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